• Salmon Plate Green Bean, Mixed Veggies
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich, Coleslaw
  • Rib Plate Mac-N-Cheese, Brussel Sprouts

Smokin Woods BBQ

About us

Owner and founder James Woodard established Smokin Woods in 2013 at the encouragement of family and friends. Humbly beginning as a catering and pop-up kitchen, he transformed his passion for pairing good vibes and mouthwatering barbecue. Enlisting the help of his two brothers, James settled in the vibrant neighborhood of North Oakland and opened his flagship restaurant with one goal in mind – create smiles through food.  

Growing up with roots in Texas and Louisiana, good eatin' was embedded in James's DNA. So when it came time to create the menu, he honored his culinary lineage and childhood memories by selecting items as a flavorsome nod to the people who shaped and inspired his journey.

Take, for example, the dry-rubbed ribs, something rare to find in Golden State barbecue. They're inspired by James's aunt, who would make her Texas-style ribs for family gatherings when he was a kid. She taught him how to expertly blend bold spices and seasonings so the ribs could stand alone, and sauce was simply a matter of preference.

His Mama Vee is the recipe master behind the indulgent, creamy mac and cheese. And when sauce is served, always on the side, her touch makes it the perfect complement. There's even a family pecan orchard down south started by his grandmother. Sometimes, if he's lucky, he'll get a few pieces of wood to work with, a real treat for any smoked meat enthusiast.

But Smokin Woods is more than just a barbecue venture; it's a labor of love. It's all about the tapping of the foot, the little dance in your seat, and the silence from enjoying a fantastic meal that indicates to James a job well done. By duplicating the welcoming environment you'd experience in his home at his restaurant, James has offered up a piece of who he is and where he comes from, one delicious, smokey, undeniable bite at a time.